5 Reasons to Hire a Designer for Your Wedding Invitations

I recently read a statistic from brides.com that said over the past two years, the average wedding cost skyrocketed from $27,000 to $44,000.  That’s a 63% increase.  And that is crazy.

Having been in the wedding industry as a professional makeup artist since 2012, I am very acquaintanced with wedding pricing, from venues to photographers and everything in between.  That’s why I keep fair pricing in mind when it comes to my services, both professional makeup, and wedding stationery.  I pride myself on delivering my brides a more than an exceptional end result, but I also try to keep their wallets in mind.  Because again, a 63% increase in the cost of weddings in just two years is loco.

While society/social media does put a lot of pressure on having the perfect Pinterest-worthy dream wedding, I think that some things can be done on a budget/DIY/not needed.  However, some things, like makeup and invitations, should be left to a professional.

But Why?

Wedding invitations (and save the dates, and shower invites) are the first thing people see/receive that sets the tone of your wedding day.  You want to be sure to set the tone right.  Everyone has a different budget for their wedding – yours might be relatively small or maybe you don’t have a budget at all.  Whatever it is, your wedding stationery should account for approximately 7 – 10% of the budget.  So for example, if your wedding budget is $25,000 then the stationery portion of the budget should be $1,750 – $2,500.  This is just a rough guideline – obviously, do what is best for you!

Of course, I’m a bit biased because I’m obsessed with wedding stationery and am a graphic designer, but I truly believe you should look at your invitations as an investment.  You should also leave this part of your wedding to a professional.  Websites such as VistaPrint, Minted, etc. are fine for some things, but they simply do not offer the customization flexibility/endless creativity/high-quality production and process that you get from hiring a well-reputable designer.

Today, I’m breaking down the top five reasons why I think it is so necessary to hire a designer for your wedding invitations:

1. They know what they’re doing with colors, fonts, and graphics.

Hiring a professional graphic designer to be responsible for your wedding invitations is beneficial for so many reasons, but #1 has to be the fact that they simply know what they are doing.  When it comes to wedding stationery, there are so many pieces that make a suite good (or bad).  This includes, but is definitely not limited to, selecting the right colors, fonts, and graphics that go well with each other; creating custom artwork and calligraphy; putting together the right wording for each piece of your suite; using the correct design software (if you think you can do what you have envisioned in your head using a free online tool…you are wrong);

2. They know how to tie everything together.

Designers know how to make things flow.  Think: save the date to invitation to RSVP to details…and every piece in between.  A designer knows how to tie all of those pieces together cohesively and flawlessly.

3. They know how to create a brand image.

Are you wanting your wedding to be super romantic and whimsical?  How about sexy and moody?  Your invitations should set the tone for how you are planning your wedding day and night to be, and a professional designer knows how to do that.  When working with a pro, you have the ability to not only create an invitation but to create an actual brand image for your wedding.  This could mean a logo, coasters, napkins, monogram for the dance floor, velvet ribbon, wax seals, and everything in between that creates a certain look and feel.

4. They know what they’re doing with printing.

Oh man, this one is so important – I cannot stress it enough.  A graphic designer knows what they are doing when working with a printer or printing in-house.  The printing world is a big one and includes a lot of terminologies, options, and details that you are most likely not familiar with.  It can be extremely confusing and overwhelming, so your best bet is to leave it to a pro 🙂

5. They will save you time and headaches.

Last but not least, this goes without saying, but a professional designer will end up saving you SO much time instead of you trying to figure out wedding invitations on your own.  They know the right amount of invitations to order, how to stay on budget, how to stay within the correct timeline to ensure your invites are mailed out when they need to be, and so much more.  So save yourself those headaches and bottles of Advil, and get in touch with a pro wedding stationer today!